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Upgrading or Re-Implementation of Dynamics 365 for Operations

Upgrading or Re-Implementation of Dynamics 365 for Operations

Do you know about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations? It is an ERP business application re-branded by Microsoft officials. It is a next-gen, cloud-based business management system that combines CRM and ERP capabilities within one integrated platform.

While many Microsoft Dynamics AX technical users and developers are trying their hands on the latest update of Dynamics 365 for operations, they want to know the upgrading process. The process is a matter of understanding how your business employs the system today and this is where you need an implementation partner.

Dynamics 365 For Operations

The qualities of trusted implementation partner-

  • Industry expertise
  • In-depth understanding of business processes
  • IT resources and knowledge to make efficient use of resources
  • Great planning and execution
  • Project get done in time and cost effective way

What are the things to consider when planning a Microsoft Dynamics AX code upgrade?

There are several things that customers need to consider and remember when planning a MS dynamics AX code upgrade, such as-

  1. Working with a partner on the upgrade

At present, Microsoft offers a direct upgrade way. Means you can upgrade from Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 for operations. The code upgrade service currently accepts a model store in the form of an input, which means you can upgrade anything from Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 for operations.

  1. Integration of ERP system

You have to keep in mind the integrations used by your ERP system to operate properly and offer the data visibility you need. Smaller companies with least integrations can handle a system upgrade with the help of their in-house IT team, but giants have more complex IT infrastructure and they leverage the expertise of a qualified and experienced Microsoft Dynamics implementation partner.

What is a right thing for customer – Upgrade or Re-implementation?

It is very crucial to involve an implementation partner when you evaluate. The person has all knowledge and skill set to help determine and guide the code upgrade path. He will guide right for your business and its several operations by considering both functional and technical perspectives.

The less time, resources, and energy you need to expend on your planning and assessment, the better result will be achieved with decision-making process.

If you upgrade the dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365, it would involve two acts-

  • Code upgrade
  • Data upgrade

Code upgrade is the process that helps in upgrading your business logic or code in technical parlance.

Data upgrade is the process that helps businesses to upgrade their data to the new data model.

You must have a partner that understands the big picture of your businesses, everyday detail of your system desires to accomplish. This is must if you want a seamless re-implementation. The partner will closely work with you and understand what you need from your latest system and check that your implementation smoothly reaches the desired milestones at every step of the project.

There is one more approach that you consider. It includes doing a code upgrade but starting with the opening balance and configuring the main data.

Upgrading code is done with the help of Microsoft LCS (LifeCycle Services). So, there will be requirement of LCS project and your implementation partner will enable it for you. You will need a model store file (not database) from Dynamics AX 2012. When your app is ready for upgrade, your partner can setup a visual studio team services project to handle the whole process.

Please note, Visual Studio Team Services or VSTS is a great tool that helps in managing your Dynamics AX journey and enables collaboration among all stakeholders of the project in efficient way while maintaining transparency.

Thanks for reading the article. Happy Coding.

This is a guest post by Ethan Millar. If you would like to write for DotnetCrunch, check our guest posting guidelines.

Ethan Millar

This article has been shared by Ethan Millar working with Aegis SoftTech as senior developer from last five years. The objective of writing this post is to learn about upgrading or re-implementation of dynamics 365 for operations. The conclusion has been drawn after practical research and implementation by Microsoft Dynamics AX technical team at Aegis SoftTech.