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expression trees c#

Expression Trees in C# with an example

Before beginning with Expression Trees, let us first understand Expression in .NET In .NET, Expression is an abstract class which contains static methods and inherited by various types (like ParameterExpression, MethodCallExpression, BinaryExpression etc.) to create expression tree nodes of specific types. Also, all these expression-specific expression tree types are defined in System.Linq.Expressions namespace. Expression Trees […]

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Anonymous Methods

Anonymous Methods in C# with example

First of all, as the name suggests, an anonymous method is a method without a name. Anonymous methods in C# can be defined using the delegate keyword and can be assigned to a variable of the delegate type. C# Anonymous Methods Probably anonymous methods were introduced in C# 2.0 version. To know more about C# features […]

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ArrayList class in C#

How to use the ArrayList class in C#?

In this article, let us see the uses of ArrayList class in C#. After reading this article, you will learn about, ArrayList Uses of ArrayList How to Access elements in ArrayList Types of used in Methods in ArrayList First and foremost thing we have to remember about an array is, it does not have a fixed […]

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Forms Authentication in ASP.NET with an example

This post talks about one of the four types of Authentication system available in ASP.NET. The forms authentication ticket is usually contained inside a cookie. Forms authentication processing is handled by the FormsAuthenticationModule class, which is an HTTP module that participates in the regular ASP.NET page processing cycle. These are the following aspects of implementing security in web application. Authentication It is the process […]

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