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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX – The New Age Business Enhancement Software

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Formally known as Axapta, is an adaptive, indicative business management solution that streamlines customer relationship, supply chain processes, and venture financials. Originally developed by IBM in conjunction with Danish based software developer Damgaard Data, Microsoft Dynamics AX today, is a classic solution to enterprise resource planning for medium and large companies. Easy to operate, its functionality is quite similar to other Microsoft software – easy understandability, implementation and elimination of risks that come along with the execution of new solutions. Veterans of the industry claim that those who are familiar with the Microsoft Dynamics platform will enjoy working on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The software aims to deliver a comprehensive vision of the organization’s operational chain while churning out real time reports and inculcating transparency across various business platforms including the financials, manufacturing, asset management, CRM and even active projects. Dynamics AX aids in maintaining precise business data along with incorporating a standardized process which makes it convenient for companies to make future projections, take a look at their organization’s business prospect and even calculate profit ratios of tomorrow.

Users of Microsoft Dynamics AX

As stated above, Dynamics AX is an ideal software for medium and large organizations belonging to different arenas of economy – Audit, IT, Manufacturing, Finance, Law, Digital Marketing, Advertising, and more. It’s a multilingual platform which allows MNCs to track their global finances in the most comfort driven manner. To state a fact, the platform of Dynamics AX has been localized in over 36 nations across the world. It serves as a backbone of companies and provides industry specific features as well.

Advantages of Using Microsoft Dynamics AX

To take a deeper look, Microsoft Dynamics AX is a small part of a large product ecosystem that helps businesses make effective, efficient, and profitable decisions. It smartly integrates with other Microsoft software and enables the organizations to amalgamate financial resources with other business needs.

  • It presents a real-time collaborative solution to organizations that run business activities across different nations and time zones.
  • It aids in the conception of a resourceful process that makes doing business activities easy with partners and clients dotting all over the globe.
  • It combines all business financial information and stores in one place. This in turn helps in providing comprehensive reports and understandings which drive management to take better business decisions.
  • It speaks of an extremely low implementation and maintenance cost.
  • It offers a hand on accounting models ideal for carrying out common business activities and enables companies to get up on their heels and commence business activities.
  • Dynamics AX also offers an easy customization solution for accounting models where companies can augment the platform according to their needs and demands.

Something In-Store for All Types of Companies

  • Being a Microsoft product, it offers a familiar experience to its users.
  • Dynamics AX speaks of a simple interface that automatically identifies the functions required by the users to conduct their desired activities.
  • A comprehensive, real time dashboard that permits users to access information easily and quickly.
  • A centralized platform that enables the employees and management to directly communicate with each other and take necessary actions.
  • An expansive EPR tool, highly scalable in nature. It practically allows infinite customizations and grows as the company’s business prospect grows. Dynamics AX further allows organizations to comply with the rules, regulations, and laws for running business in different global regions.
  • It speaks of an automated billing and purchase order creation feature which practically reduces manual work.
  • A tool with self-conscious, it helps in efficiently creating tasks and relying them across different regions.
  • An ERP system that smartly supports third party modules for high level of functionality.
  • With Dynamics AX businesses can buy a customized package that suits their needs and demands, and even upgrade its features at a later stage according to their scaling activities.
  • The kit comes with a complete guide to implementing the software.
  • The software offers consistency over the level of operations conducted at different locational offices.
  • ERP system of Microsoft Dynamics AX helps make comply easily with audit trail tracking and better managerial control.
  • A highly secure ERP backed by the expansive experience of the software giant, Microsoft.

To conclude, Microsoft Dynamics AX proves its worth as one of the best ERP systems for conducting business activities on a massive scale. A conclusive solution for medium and large companies.

Ethan Millar

This article has been shared by Ethan Millar working with Aegis SoftTech as senior developer from last five years. The objective of writing this post is to learn about upgrading or re-implementation of dynamics 365 for operations. The conclusion has been drawn after practical research and implementation by Microsoft Dynamics AX technical team at Aegis SoftTech.