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change color theme in Visual Studio

How to change color theme in Visual Studio?

You might have noticed that some of the developers are working with   dark version of visual studio while some  with light.  Looking  at their  screens, you may have  got  the urge to change your  visual studio’s  theme color.   

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You can switch your selected theme or your default settings post initial setup.

To change your theme, you need to do the following steps:

  • Launch the Options dialog from the Tools menu. (Tools ->  Options)
  • Once the options dialog appears,  select the Environment category from the tree view on the left side of the dialog. Under Environment you choose the General options.
  • This gives you access to the color theme.

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At the time of writing this post,  the current version of  Visual Studio (i.e visual studio 2015) theme options are Light, Blue, and Dark.

  • The default theme is the Light theme.
  • The Dark theme provides a high-contrast visual theme (black background with brighter text).
  • The Blue theme looks similar to prior versions of Visual Studio.

Navigate to TOOLS and click on Options as shown in the screenshot below:


The General option under the Environment category allows you to change the color theme applied.


Dark Color Theme – Visual Studio


Light Color Theme – Visual Studio


Blue Color Theme – Visual Studio


This was all about changing the color theme in visual studio from pre-existing options being provided.

Studio Styles is a great website and a growing community of Visual Studio Styles and Themes. On this website, you will find  a gallery of some nice Visual Studio Themes to refresh your look. 

Hope you find this post useful and worth reading.

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