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Anonymous Methods

Anonymous Methods in C# with example

First of all, as the name suggests, an anonymous method is a method without a name. Anonymous methods in C# can be defined using the delegate keyword and can be assigned to a variable of the delegate type.

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C# Anonymous Methods

Probably anonymous methods were introduced in C# 2.0 version. To know more about C# features with respect to its versions, navigate to the below post.

List of C# features version by version



Inside Anonymous method. Value: DotnetCrunch

Few more examples:

Anonymous method as an event handler

Anonymous method as method parameter


Anonymous method: 20


  1. Anonymous methods can be used as event handlers.
  2. They can access variables defined in an outer function.
  3. It can also be passed to a method that accepts the delegate as a parameter.


  1. It cannot contain jump statement like goto, break or continue.
  2. It cannot access ref or out parameter of an outer method.
  3. Anonymous methods cannot have or access unsafe code.
  4. We cannot use anonymous methods on the left side of the is operator.

In conclusion to this post, we hope that you like this short and simple explanation for anonymous methods in C#.

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